Screen Gear

Screen Gear 4.0

screen saver/presentation tool displays multimedia slide shows
4.0 (See all)
Lance Hagans

Screen Gear is a screen saver and image viewer that displays PICT, JPEG, QuickTime and AIFF files and transforms them into elegant presentations/slide shows. Imagine displaying your images, listening to narration and playing your AIFF music files simultaniously. Or if you prefer you can tell Screen Gear to launch a Director runtime to take advantage of Directors interactive capabilities. The screen saver toolkit allows anybody to create screen savers to sell or distribute royalty free. Photographers, Artists and business people will find this particularly appealing!
What's new in this version:
Corrected crashing problems when using OS 9.0.4 Corrected several preferences problems 21 new transitions, the number one request! Added MP3 playback ability. Corrected QuickTime screen location setup to allow for any QuickTime format.

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