Scrapbook 1.3

Innovative Clipboard, which enables you to store more than one item for future use.
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Scrapbook is an innovative Clipboard, which enables you to store more than one item for future use. All of your clip entries will remain even if you restart your Computer. Scrapbook offers the advantage of a discreet and simple interface. Moreover, you can use snippets, predefined tools and self configurable JavaScript filters.
* Mac OS X 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
* Stores up to hundreds of items
* Stores plain or formatted text
* Fast access via menubar
* Icon in dock and/or menubar
* Naming of Clips
* Lock individual entries
* Pre-defined Tools
* Writing Direction: Support for RTL/LTR
* Self-defined JavaScript-Filter
* Snippets for often re-usable text
* Manage Snippets in folders
* Search Clips and Snippets
* Scrapbook-Sharing over Bonjour (incl. Snippets)
* Free configurable Keyboard Shortcuts
* Easy integrated Text-Editor
* Quick Lock integration
* Backup/Restore of Scrapbook and Snippets
* Full Drag and Drag support
* Idle Timer for Computer and Display
* Notification Center (Mountain Lion)
* Growl support for status notification
We hope you like Scrapbook. If you have questions, problems or wishes please feel free to send us an e-mail. Please consider that we cannot answer your comment here. Thank you very much.

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