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ScreenFlow ▻ Let SCOtutor for ScreenFlow show you how to get the most out of ScreenFlow with this easy to follow study guide.
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▻ Let SCOtutor for ScreenFlow show you how to get the most out of ScreenFlow with this easy to follow study guide.
▻ Over 32 lessons with nearly 2 hours of HD video tutorials - "... 1st Class"
▻ SCOtutor Apps have over 500 five star reviews worldwide including...
★★★★★ "1st Class - Don is great at breaking down apps into understandable parts. Even though I have used Screenflow for over a year and am quite familiar with its various features/functions, this tutorial has given me new ideas for future projects." by 2stepbay from United States
★★★★★ "Screenflow SCOtutor - I am a huge fan of Don McAlister's SCOtutor series. This is easily the best so far. The quality is amazing. The videoplay is terrific with fantastic controls. The presentation is easily understood and Don's methods are simple and peerless. Having viewed it once, I can easily go back to certain chapters to re-view. This is part of a tutorial series that has no equal, and I have used many. Highly recommended!" - by Nicholas Barnes from United Kingdom
★★★★★ "Must have - I worked several months with Screenflow 3.0 but with this screencast my knowledge is boosted sky high. Certainly the money worth. Don is the mac daddy on screencasting and this is his base program he works with. Double good." by Cles van de Ven from Netherlands
Just a sample of the actual 5 star reviews given to SCOtutor for ScreenFlow from App Stores across the globe
Let SCOtutor for ScreenFlow show you how to get the most out of ScreenFlow with this easy to follow study guide.
This video tutorial app leads you through all aspects of using ScreenFlow - the premier screencast video recording and editing application from Telestream.
ScreenFlow captures your computer screen, computer/microphone audio and webcam, allowing you to create amazing screencasts. With a fully featured video editor built right in, ScreenFlow is specially optimised to edit video captured from your desktop and will export to Quicktime or directly to a number of services from including YouTube and Vimeo.
SCOtutor for Screenflow will take you through the basics of capturing and recording your video and audio, then through the more advanced features of Screenflow to edit and annotate your video, as well as publishing and exporting your video to create stunning screencasts.
If viewing on Mountain Lion Macs with Airplay Support, you can even view the tutorial on your HDTV via an Apple TV.
Keep SCOtutor for ScreenFlow in your Dock or on your Desktop, and use as a quick reference guide - when you exit and restart the app, it remembers your position, and restarts just where you left it!
Comprehensive ScreenFlow Tutorial
The video tutorial runs for 105 minutes and covers 32 major topics.
• Introduction
• Installation & Preferences
• Screen Resolutions
• Recording a Video Clip
• Using The Media Panel
• Moving Media Clips Between Projects
• Using The Canvas
• Examining & Using The Property Panels
• Video Properties
• Using Video Actions
• Audio Properties
• Using Audio Actions
• Screen Recording Properties
• Using Screen Recording Actions
• Using Callouts
• Using Mouse Cursor Callouts
• Using Foreground Window Callouts
• Using Freehand Callouts
• Using Annotations
• Adding Effects To Annotations
• Using Text
• Using The Timeline
• Using Markers
• Working With Clips
• Clip Inspector
• Changing Clip Speed
• Freeze Frames & Detach Audio
• Creating Gaps
• Using Transitions
• Publishing With ScreenFlow
• Exporting With ScreenFlow

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