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SCOtutor for Lion is a multi-lingual HD video tutorial, designed to quickly teach you many of the new features in Apple's latest operating system - Lion - and is suitable for both new and experienced Mac users.
Uniquely, SCOtutor for Lion includes optional on-screen subtitles in multiple, selectable languages - English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Simplified Chinese - French subtitles available soon!
With over six years experience, ScreenCastsOnline has published over 300+ Mac based video tutorials to rave reviews, and is acknowledged as one of the top resources for Mac training on the Internet.
SCOtutor for Lion is the first ScreenCastsOnline tutorial to be made available on the Mac App Store.
Comprehensive Lion Tutorial
Delivered by Don McAllister, the host and producer of ScreenCastsOnline, the tutorial is over two hours long and covers 12 major topics with over 60 chapters.
- Introduction to Lion
- Gestures in Lion
- Full Screen Apps in Lion
- Mastering Mission Control
- Launchpad
- Resume in Lion
- Auto Save in Lion
- Versions in Lion
- Using Safari in Lion
- Using Mail in Lion
- Enhancements to Preview
- Address Book in Lion
- iCal in Lion Onscreen Subtitles
Display or hide onscreen subtitles via a keyboard shortcut or using the onscreen control panel.
- Onscreen subtitles in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese or Simplified Chinese (French in preparation)
- Intelligent Language Support
- Chapter menus change automatically to chosen subtitle language Optimized Video Player
Designed specifically to optimize the viewing experience, SCOtutor for Lion includes a dedicated video player
- Auto hiding onscreen playback control panel
- Advanced playback controls
- Jump backward or forward in 30 second increments
- MultiSpeed playback - slow or fast speeds - (.5x, .75x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x)
- Easy navigation via chapter popup menu
- Jump from chapter to chapter
- Fully resizable window
- Full screen Mode
- Easy resume mode - Carry on from where you left off
- Full keyboard shortcut supportApplication Localization
- Video player localized in multiple languages (See Information Panel)
- Help pages localized in multiple languages (See Information Panel)

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