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ScootPad allows them to practice math and reading in a fun way.
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ScootPad is a nice platform for kids which allows them to practice math and reading in a fun way. The platform can be accessed online by means of a password and username, and it includes multiple math contents which are divided into units and there are three grades available. The platform can be configured either for teachers or parents, and it changes slightly depending on the options selected. If you use it as a teacher, you will be able to customize your classroom, add all your students and select a username and password for all of them. The login data will be sent to the parents and the kids will be able to have access to their exercises at home. When they access to the exercises, all things they do will be recorded, so the teacher will know the hours worked, the progress, and scores of each student. The same happens if you are a parent.

The teacher can select the number of units she wishes to use and select a start and end date for all the units. The program has a default curriculum which includes all the concepts the kids are supposed to learn in each grade, but you can customize them to your liking. Everything is really colorful and attractive to get the kid's attention.

Thus, if you need a nice application to help your kids learn math and practice their reading skills at home, as a sort of homework, or extra material, ScootPad may be an excellent choice.

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  • Very customizable
  • Lovely graphics
  • It includes lots of tutorials
  • It offers pre-made lessons


  • Not so easy to use

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