SciMark Drives

SciMark Drives 2019.12

Measure performance of drives at the operating system level.
2019.12.25 (See all)

Drive, as an electronic device, or as a combination of mechanics and electronics, its absolute performance is determined by its own processing unit and their mechanical/electronic structures, and therefore more powerful and optimized processing unit could be a good access to lower CPU load and bring up standalone performance of drives. On the other hand, any a drive has to be connected to a computer system via an adapter and managed by an operating system. As storage and/or a host of a computer system and/or as virtual memory, the overall performance under certain storage controller and operating system is sure to have much influence to wide range of applications, especially to the multi-threaded applications and heavy load requests.
SciMark Drives for Mac OSX is a member of Scimark software. It could be a good reason to make a comparison of performance of harddrives among different operating systems and to understand their differences.
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