SCENARIdiscovery 1.0

It allows you to discover several examples of open source publishing chains.
3.7.018 (See all)

SCENARIdiscovery is a demonstration application that allows you to discover several examples of open source publishing chains from the SCENARI environment.

The aim of Scenari is to create some "good practice" with document publishing and to address those requirements:

-The author can write the content only once, then republish in different file formats or with different presentation (HTML, SCORM export, / pdf, flash slideshow... as long as they have been planned in the document model).
-The author only needs to maintain the original version (internally stored in XML to be able to republish if the document has to be updated.
-The author does not need to master each output technology or file format to produce high-quality and standard compliant documents.
-Authors are bound to the document model that define their freedom or obligations to keep the document well structured.
-Authors are bound to the corporate identity or presentation that has been integrated in the document model.

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