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Browse the Internet in a secure way by blocking scams.
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ScamZapper promises to help you have a nicer Internet browsing experience by blocking scams. Although it works just like a standard pop-up blocker, it only stops a specific type of pop-ups, which is those suspected of being scams. The app does most of its job as a Safari extension.

When you first run this app, it shows a window from where you can install the extension on your browser. Unfortunately, it does not work with Safari latest versions, which do not allow installing extensions from external sources. Similarly, it does not support any other browser you may be using. It is also possible to troubleshoot pop-ups in case they have managed to get through.

The application detects scams based on a database, so it is good that it gives you the opportunity to report any scam that is not included in it. Another method of scam detection is called “aggressive mode” and it is based on the pop-up meeting a group of criteria. Logically, there is a risk that it will pick up false positives, though. So, you should be aware of that when enabling this option.

All in all, ScamZapper does a perfect job in detecting scams. Thus, it serves to protect your privacy and money from this type of threats. Fortunately, this product is free to use, though donations are encouraged.

Pedro Castro
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  • Allows reporting new scams
  • Supports detecting possible scams even if they are not in the database


  • Does not support browsers other than Safari
  • Cannot install the extension on recent versions of Safari
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