Sauerbraten versions

A first-person shooter that can also support cooperative editing of play maps.
21 Oct 2021
Editorial review
11 Aug 2010

What's new

v2013.01.04 [28 Jun 2013]
reanimated Ogro (by Geartrooper) with skeletal animation so he supports vweps and ragdolls
added new MP maps by 4t3one & Snowy (collusion), viruz (subterra), Windecker (alithia), miscreant (turbulence), Suicizer (evilness), sinsch (catch22), flubz0r (hidden), Skur (skrdm1), SuperMan (bvdm_01), Fatum (tumwalk, snapper_rocks, bad_moon, shiva, elegy), Meister & Fatum (mill, asgard, legazzo, teahupoo, gubo), rabe (outpost), Doko & MisanthropX & Nieb (renegade), Nieb & RaZgRiZ & SirAlex & Windecker (garden), Chris_0076 & Nieb & SomeDude (hashi), t-chen (simplicity, fury, mbt4, mbt9, arbana, haste, forgotten), t-chen & RaZgRiZ (mbt12), RaZgRiZ (twinforts), cm|CubicMatter (kopenhagen), Nieb (autumn), ac & Boxx & HeWho (depot), HeWho (rm5), Sprite & Crap_I'm_Dead (spcr), Crap_I'm_Dead (dirtndust), Maycrus & AtlasSteal & HeWho & Somedude & Chris (masdm), Star (sauerstruck), b4lkLu & Chris_0076 (donya), Majikal (siberia), Ardelico & HeWho & Suicizer (force), Snowy (nucleus), Zeronic & HeWho & Cooper (eternal_valley)
added "collect", "insta collect", and "efficiency collect" game modes
new weapon sounds by Slawomir 'Q009' Blauciak
added support for directional sunlight for lightmaps (controlled via "sunlight", "sunlightyaw", "sunlightpitch", and "sunlightscale" vars)
added "savebrush" and "pastebrush" commands for saving and pasting selected geometry
added support for up to 4 types of water, lava, and glass materials (using "water2", "lava3", etc. materials)
added geometry filter modes for "editmat" command ("empty", "notempty", "solid", and "notsolid")
now uses GLSL as the default rendering path when available (use "forceglsl 0" to use the old assembly shader path if necessary)
added support for international character sets
added support for 64-bit Windows builds
config files and maps are now saved to the My Games directory on Windows
added auto-update and auto-sort options to the server browser
made server browser stay open on connect failure
server browser now displays time remaining for the match on servers
server now shows up as a system tray icon on Windows
server now loads entities directly from maps if available
server may now have multiple masters, auths, and admins at the same time
server now controls its own map rotation
server now supports configurable teamkill limits
increased pistol and grenade damage, and lengthened yellow armour spawn time
health boost and quad spawn times are no longer randomized
shortened game times to 10 minutes in all team modes
players now spawn with blue armour again in FFA
teammates are now shown on minimap
team frags are now tracked independently of player frags
in CTF the same player that dropped a flag may now pick it back up one time, but not twice in a row without a teammate picking it up in between
teamkilling the flag runner in CTF modes now disallows the teamkiller from picking up the flag (toggled via "ctftkpenalty" var in server-init.cfg)
team damage no longer contributes to accuracy
gamehud and edithud may now span multiple lines
added "hidedead" var to control whether players disappear immediately once killed
added "restrictpausegame" var for controlling whether need to be admin to use pausegame during multiplayer
added "restrictdemos" var for controlling whether need to be admin to record a demo and "maxdemos"/"maxdemosize" vars for limiting the number and size of demos
movie recorder now supports larger than 1 GB files using OpenDML/AVI 2.0
added "ignore" and "unignore" commands to locally ignore chat from players
added "-g" command-line option which sets which file console output is logged to
added support for DDS DXT1/3/5 compressed skyboxes and envmaps
added simplified IK for pitch animation
added support for applying transforms to bone tags on skeletal models
revised internal geometry format to support merging cube faces into convex triangle fans instead of just rectangles
use premultiplied-alpha for grass textures to avoid darkening around grass outlines
improved model lighting that preserves contrast on unlit side
added cubescript recursion limits
added "local" command to cubescript that allows you to declare local variables
added cubescript compiler
added snow particles (particle type 13)
"lightthreads" and "pvsthreads" vars now default to the estimated number of CPUs when set to 0
fixed lightmap blurring (controlled via "blurlms" var) at lightmap borders
normals are now sampled at all t-joints for smoothing rather than speculatively subdividing edges
improved packing of lightmaps when a cube face has more than one plane
added "guispring" for creating springs inside a list

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