Satscape 09.0

A satellite tracking program for Windows, Mac OS and Linux.
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A satellite tracking program for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. You can use it to find out the position of any of the 8000+ satellites and orbital debris in orbit around the earth right now, anything from the International space station to a misplaced spanner can be tracked right on your screen with no special equipment. Your very own NORAD command and control on your computer desktop. Sorry, it doesn’t currently track Santa. So, if you’re a star-gazer and want to see (with the naked eye) the international space station fly over your house, or you’re a radio amateur who wants to know when you can have a QSO with your buddy thousands of miles away. This is the program you need, easy to use, no need to be a rocket-scientist, it will do all the hard maths for you, and looks pretty.
Highly accurate SGP4 equations, Satellites pass predictions to the nearest second Ideal for Radio amateurs, astronomers, schools and educational use.
2D view shows a map of the world with the all the satellite positions
3D view shows a realistic representation of the satellite positions.
Pass predictions can be calculated, displayed and printed in a few seconds
The tracking data is automatically updated via the internet to keep it accurate.
Speech announcements are made at user-specified periods to alert you when a satellite is about to pass over.

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