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Sandvox v2.10
15 Apr 2015
Sandvox v2.8
15 May 2013
Sandvox v2.6
14 Jun 2012
Sandvox v2.1
12 Jul 2011
Sandvox v1.6
22 Apr 2010

What's new

v2.8 [15 May 2013]
Sandvox 2.8 can publish high-resolution images for Retina displays, includes two new designs, and offers more social sharing capabilities, including support for Pinterest and LinkedIn.
• Corrects a bug where Sandvox Badges weren't behaving as links properly
• YouTube object: broadens range of recognized embed codes
• Pressing `Shift-Return` enters a line break in all text areas of the web editor again
Retina Optimization
Sandvox 2.8 can automatically take advantage of high-resolution source images to optimize for display on Retina screen devices, whenever they are available. Controls for this have been added to the Appearance tab of the Document Inspector and Metrics Inspector:
• Dimensions are now measured in points instead of pixels (Retina displays contain 4x as many pixels as ‘regular’ resolution displays)
• If an image will appear at less than full quality (on either regular or Retina displays), a warning message will appear
• The Size button now acts as a toggle between ‘Retina’ & ‘regular’ quality, preventing over-sizing of images
When Retina support is turned on, Sandvox makes high-resolution images “retina-ready” so that people who view your website on Retina screens will see images that are optimized for their screens. This includes:
• Image objects, including logos
• Banners (your custom banners & built-in banners for *most* Designs)
• Photo Grid (including Gallery), Slide Show, and Titles & Summaries indexes
• Amazon Lists
• Badges & icons: RSS and Sandvox badges, and AIM Status objects (unfortunately not possible for other IM services at present)
• Two new included Designs: Hydrogen and Kryptonite. You can choose to use either a left-side Sidebar or a right-side Sidebar with Hydrogen or Kryptonite.
Social & Sharing
• Sharing Bar — A new Sharing Bar object can be added to the end of any page, bringing together all of our supported Sharing buttons in a neat, convenient row.
• Sharing buttons — including the Sharing Bar — are now organized into their own Sharing section of the Objects toolbar item
• Pinterest & LinkedIn — Support for buttons for both Pinterest & LinkedIn have been added. These buttons can be placed on any page
• Twitter — The Twitter button now features additional button types/options, including Hashtag and Follow
• Facebook — The Facebook button now supports many other configurations, including Like Box and Activity Feed
• Google Maps are now automatically localized into your site's language, where supported
• Contact Form has a new “Send from” checkbox, that, if enabled, will improve the chances that visitors' messages will get to your inbox, instead of being filtered to your 'junk' folder as SPAM.
• Amazon objects can now open links in a new window
• When publishing media, Sandvox now replaces any spaces in filenames with hyphens instead of underscores
• Podcast RSS feeds now include images suitable for iTunes listings. The image for each episode can be previewed and changed using the Appearance tab of the Page inspector
• The “Legacy (ConnectionKit)” FTP system has been removed
• Improved responsiveness while large documents are saving
• Links to pages which have since been deleted are automatically unlinked

v2.6 [14 Jun 2012]
- This maintenance release fixes a variety of problems, including an issue that prevented multiple twitter feeds on same page, an issue with typed input slowing down over time, issues with link and text handling, and other bugs.

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