Same-X 2.1

Same-X is a simple puzzle game in which you need to clear the board.
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Same-X is a simple puzzle game in which you need to click on groups of three or more elements of the same type in order to eliminate them from the board. The objective is to clear the board and score as many points as possible. The bigger the group you manage to eliminate, the more points you get. You can eliminate groups of two elements too, but they don't give you any points. You can see the points you get at the bottom part of the screen when you select a group of elements. The game is over when you leave only one item of a certain color and you cannot match it.

The game offers multiple themes to choose from and three difficulty levels for each board size (15x10 and 20x13). As you advance in the game, there will be more colors for the elements. As you can see, the graphics are very simple, and not very attractive. Sounds are very simple too and there's no music. Sadly, there is only one mode.

To sum up, Same-X is a very simple game which isn't very attractive or enjoyable, but as it is free, you can try it and see if it works for you. However, I'm sure you can get much better similar games out there.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Multiple themes
  • Two boards and three difficulty levels for each of them


  • Not very enjoyable
  • Not very attractive
  • Only one mode
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