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SafeWallet Password Manager

Manage all your passwords in one easy-to-use and secure solution.
19 Jul 2013
7 Apr 2011
Editorial review

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v1.2 [19 Jun 2012]
Greetings SafeWallet fans! After a slight delay in development we're excited to be back on track and bring you this exciting new update! Read ahead for the full list of improvemnets and fixes you'll find with today's new update. We hope you'll enjoy it!
★ ★ New Improvements ★ ★
❖ Updated card view and card editor design with better looking UI.
❖ Password Generator shortcut button showing for password fields when editing a card is now placed above the field drag & drop symbol (with new better matching icon), allowing wider text fields for easier data entry and editing.
❖ Hovering card properties in view mode now highlights card properties. Clicking a property marks it as selected during the click.
❖ New yellow notification-bar is displayed with animation at the bottom of the card view when clicking a property - to provide visual guidance to user that the property field was copied to the clipboard.
❖ Text comment "option click to unmask" showing to the right side of password fields removed for improved UI. Option clicking password fields will un-mask the field value as before.
❖ Card view, card editor, cards list and wallet folders list scroll-bars replaced with the new modern scroll-bar control, matching the latest OS X look&feel.
❖ Right side property copy-to-clipboard button removed. Clicking anywhere on the property now copies property value to the clipboard - makes it much easier to copy values to clipboard.
❖ Note fields content display now supports multiline. Note fields now displays entire note content within the card display across multiple lines.
❖ Editing note fields now opens note for editing with multiline editor control, letting you easily edit long notes content and not just single line as it was before.
❖ Application icon updated - matching the new SafeWallet icon.
❖ SafeWallet Help menu item now takes the user to our support page at our web-site instead of showing empty Help dialog.
❖ Added Facebook, Twitter and Blog menu item links from SafeWallet Help menu.
❖ Updated SafeWallet About screen with a new improved design. Added automatic build number counter and build date that are now presented with the new About screen - helps identify minor builds more precisely when contacting support.
❖ Improved card title caption display and fixed a few display issues when caption was longer than available width to display.
❖ Improved editor buttons animation when switching from card view to editor mode.
❖ Card Edit button now disabled when no card is selected, limiting the option to click on it when no card is displayed.
❖ New "no card selected" notice will now show on the Card pane when no card is selected.
❖ Updated device support - supporting OS X 10.6 and higher.
★ ★ Fixes ★ ★
❖ Fixed problem when re-positioning fields within the card editor with items moved to the wrong placement in the items order if the fields total height exceeds the display height such that a scrollbar is visible.
❖ Placement of folder item counters on the right side of the Wallet Outline View items improved to prevent weirdness when expanding/collapsing folder items.
❖ Fixed problem when using the Export to XML not working - Exporting wallet to XML now works properly.
❖ Fixed problem when exporting date and time values not properly import back. The same update will follow with an upcoming update on the Windows version client to allow peoper importing/exporting between both platform versions.
❖ Fixed problem when selecting a folder without cards while a previous card is currently in edit mode causing the Card Pane display to remain in edit mode even though there is no card displayed anymore.
❖ Disabled editing option if selected card is a Website login card.
That's it for today's new release. We hope you'll enjoy it and we'd love to get your feedback and thoughts!
Have a great & secure day! :)

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