Safe Plus

Safe Plus 3.1

Organize and store your sensitive data, photos and contacts.
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Brian Saydak

Safe Plus is more than a flexible password manager, it also protects your photos and contacts. All data is encrypted with super-secure 256-bit-AES. Nowadays you need passwords all the time, PINs and TANs for online banking, online shopping, social networking and as a login for computer, wi-fi router or e-mail configurations. Safe + assists you in managing and organizing your passwords as well as providing a safe place for them to take them with you. For your trips Safe + stores your health insurance data, photos of travel tickets and passport. You can also store membership cards and debit or loyalty cards with minimum space requirements stored as a photo in Safe Plus.
With the sophisticated features included in Safe + all passwords, photos and contacts are protected within a very short time. All data is encrypted with 256-bit AES, so secure that even the NSA has certified this standard to secure state's top secret information. Your data is always protected even in case of loss or theft of your Mac. Due to the complexity of the algorithm used, any attack suffered through common attack techniques such as brute-force are also unsuccessful.
What's new in this version:
Compatibility with Safe + v3.1 for iOS Optimizations

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