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Safari 5 is a web browser made by Apple for the Mac.
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Gustav Olafsson

Gustav Olafsson In general, Safari is not that bad: it works and works fast. Whereas my Chrome copy keeps crashing each time I enter the iTunes page on the Apple's site, Safari copes with this task without any noticeable effort. Its memory use is also quite modest in comparison with Friefox or Chrome, again.
On the other hand, this browser is much more unstable than its competitors and utters cries of pain under a hard-start (i.e. with several dozens of tabs opened at once). And its biggest shortcoming is, surely, its design: Who needs the 'Open in a New Window' option by default? It's totally unhandy. The overall design can also be characterised with one word: poor.

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Art Mlo Does anybody know when the 6th version will be available?

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Hemanth Kumar

Hemanth Kumar Sucks at times

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Tanchik I like safary fonts ))

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