SaberFX 1.5

Program for creating movie style special effects.
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SaberFX is a program for creating movie style special effects. It was designed to be as easy to use as possible, so even children could do their own special effects.
SaberFX can be used with iMovie by adding the effects first, then importing the result into iMovie to finish the movie.
New for 1.3:
- Added Onion Skinning, shows the previous frame graphics to aid in effect placement on the current frame
- Added oval masks, to make it easier to mask round shapes
- Fixed the red static (snow) issue on newer machines
- Improves sound when rendering. Some programs had issues with the sound track on rendered videos
- Opening documents now zoom to maximized size after opening
- Better handling when opening documents that can't find the original video
- SaberFX is also able to find the original movie file in cases where it's been moved or is on external media that has been ejected
- Improved the glow. Sabers and Lightning have a nicer glow
- Removed the scaling options from the lower left. Proportional is best, so it's now the only option
- Removed the ability to play the video without rendering. It often couldn't keep up with the processing of the effects.

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