RPG 1.6

Create and customize random complex passwords.
1.6.1 (See all)
David Kreindler
Generate and modify passwords of any length and constitution. Select and input specific symbols, numbers, and combinations of elements, randomize the content within the set parameters, etc. Switch between and combine the input from multiple sessions.

RPG is a password generator that addresses the need for random passwords (and other random character strings) of specific lengths and constitutions. There are many password-generating utilities available, representing many different philosophies. RPG's design goal is to produce the most secure passwords constrained by the limitations -- length and character set -- imposed by the systems in which the passwords are to be used. RPG is most useful in concert with a keychain or password wallet. What's New
Version 1.6.1: Now bundled with RPG Widget Edition. Requirements
PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

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