RoomTeem 1.0

Clipboard broadcasting tool sends graphics, files, texts within a network.
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Digital Zone has created this utility to quicken the working process within the company and especially to make their designers happy: now you can send any clipboard content within your network by means of a couple of mouse clicks. It is quite a new idea of chatting: forget about long explanations and running around the office in circles in order to have a look at your colleague's monitor - with RoomTeem utility you can exchange and broadcast files, links, text extracts or images with your annotations, quickly and easily, and irrespective to your OS! Also RoomTeem has some additional features which also could be interesting in your field - you can scale image size, upload your images to Picasa albums, get notifications about other users' messages, annotate images you are sending - draw arrows, leave other signs or comments, etc. You can load RoomTeem to hosting or corporative server using FTP. You can use Russian and English versions of the programs. Easy and user-friendly RoomTeem doesn't depend on provider, keeps working when ICQ server is down, and doesn't need any food, water and additional settings.
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