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Predict a trajectory to launch rockets and avoid their collisions.
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Rockets is a game intended for the individual player. Luckily, it has such easy rules that it can be played by users of practically any age. However, how far you can get in this game will largely depend on your motor skills and your ability to predict a trajectory.

The goal of the game is to launch as many rockets as you can. Yet, since your rockets start orbiting your planet, it gets increasingly difficult to launch another and at the same time avoid its crash. Besides, there are asteroids with unpredictable paths, which makes the whole thing a lot harder. Thus, in order to avoid collisions, you need to draw the desired path for each rocket. Then, every time you put in a rocket you get additional points.

The game is quite light and easy to install. It opens in full-screen mode by default and has high quality, though flat, graphics. The music is quite dull so, luckily, you can turn it off if it bothers you.

Fortunately, despite its name, learning to play this game is no “rocket science”. Regrettably, I do not think it can get as addictive as its developer claims. In this regard, it is one of those games you would like to play occasionally, just to cool off for a while. If you like the idea, then, you will be pleased to hear that is absolutely free.

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  • Very easy to play
  • Nice brightly colored graphics
  • Requires planning ahead and using motor skills


  • Dull music
  • May get boring



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