Rochard 3.5

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Recoil Games Ltd

Rochard is a 2.5D sidescrolling platform physics puzzler and action/adventure game set in humanity's early spacefaring future. The player controls the eponymous overweight man, who wields a device that has dual functionality as a gravity gun and rapid-fire laser gun. In most cases the player can also toggle a low-gravity state that allows Rochard to jump higher and lift heavier objects.

Despite the developer's claim to have filled the game's plot with twists, it's just about as predictable as they come, except where it deviates out of a seeming desire to simply be strange. Still, the charmingly unusual protagonist, creatively conceived locales and flawless graphical execution make up for this lack of narrative creativity. The game is not particularly replayable, with just one difficulty level and a lack of tracking for trophy acquisition in hard to reach places, but each level is well-designed enough to be thoroughly enjoyable on the first run. The game does track time spent for those who want to replay the game with a speed-run in mind.

Sam's Protip: Shielded enemies can only be taken out with a crate. Or they themselves can be picked up and flung around if the gravity gun becomes powerful enough...

Sam Lloyd
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  • Compelling visuals
  • Humorous characters and environments
  • Unique puzzles


  • Tries too hard at times to be epic rather than light-hearted
  • Does not track token achievements on its own
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