Robin's Island Adventure 3.3

A hidden objects puzzle adventure game about an island escape.
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Assume the role of a hero trying to find a way to escape a deserted island. Explore multiple locations stylized according to the genre of the story and interact with various objects and environments useful in your quest. Discover hidden objects to unlock new pathways to your goal.

Robin's Island Adventure is a nice puzzle game in which you are stuck in an island and you need to play a series of games to help Robin build a ship to escape the island. The collection includes match-3 games in which you need to swap adjacent tiles in order to align three or more of the same type and make them disappear from the board. In some games you need to clear a path for Robin to reach a certain place by making matches with the tiles in her path. In some other cases, you need to make matches with the stone tiles in order to eliminate them from the board. Moreover, in other games you just need to click on groups of tiles of the same type to eliminate all the stone tiles.

For every game you play, you will receive something to help you build the ship. It could be schematics, maps, materials, and so on. From time to time, you can also play enjoyable mini-games, such as puzzles, which make the game even more enjoyable. The game offers two modes: Normal and Time challenge. Of course, one of the modes is timed and the other is more relaxed. Unfortunately, the game offers simple graphics and sounds but suitable music.

To conclude, if you like match-3 games. you may want to try Robin's Island Adventure to see whether it is suitable for you.

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Silvana Mansilla
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  • Two modes
  • Enjoyable gameplay with different games
  • Includes mini-games


  • Simple graphics and sounds



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  • Adventure island game
  • Island adventure
  • Robin island adventure