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Plan your next road trip, or use it to display your past road trips.
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Road Trip Planner helps you plan your next road trip, or use it to display your past road trips. Drop pins worldwide anywhere on the map by shift-clicking onto the map, or by entering an address (type the address, or obtain it from your Contacts). Once the pin drops onto the map, its address is retrieved. When two or more pins are on the map, routes between the pins can be displayed. The routes can be driving or walking, and they show the distance, travel time, fuel cost if driving, and any advisories. Perfect for anyone planning a road trip, or wants to maintain a record of past road trips. Features Add an unlimited number of pins to the map. Save each road trip as a separate document. Add notes (including images), arrival and departure date and time, URLs, and more for each pin. Rearrange the pins so they're ordered the way you want. View weather and web cams for each pin location. Free iOS app called RTP Viewer allows you view your RTP files on your iOS device. Search for places or amenities (gas, hotels, food) for each pin location. Send a route or the pins to Apple Maps. Export waypoint and route data as GPX data. Routes show fuel costs when driving. Customize routes by dropping more pins. Receive location data from some of our other map related apps (see web site below for specifics). And more!

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