RipCord Backup 1.0

gui to use Rsync to backup to another server or computer
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RipCord Backup
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RipCord is an application that lets the everyday person use the Rsync protocol to backup their files over the Internet or LAN for free.
Normally if someone wanted to backup their files on their Mac using Rsync long and cryptic commands must be ran at the terminal line. Ripcord makes this unnecessary and also provides you with more options that you may have not known about or used.
FEATURES Very fast backups Bit level backups, only uploads the changed part of the file not the whole file Secure and private transmission through SSH user Incremental backup, keeps a copy of all changes Automated backups can be ran at a certain time of the day Can limit the amount of upload bandwidth used Exclude files, folders and matching patterns Restore straight from RipCord RipCord is a Universal application that can run on Intel and PowerPC chips



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