Rhino Compass

Rhino Compass 1.0

Rhino Compass is a tool that can help you get your free space back.
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Matt Crombie

Wondering where all that free space has gone on your hard drive? Always running low and don’t know why? Rhino Compass is an essential tool for anyone who has this problem. It will quickly scan your entire drive and then show you where all the largest areas are in a friendly, familiar style.

Rhino Compass was developed out of sheer frustration of never being able to keep drives from filling up after a while. And, when trying to clean things up, only freeing a few files here and there. With Rhino Compass, large areas of a drive can be found quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on cleaning up what you want and leaving what is still important.

With its clean and intuitive design, and simple to navigate results, you'll be able to navigate your drive to all those areas you'd forgotten about or didn't realize were there and get your space back.

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