Revolution Media

Revolution Media

Revolution and the Rev platform enables better, easier and faster software construction for everyone.
Revolution Media v4.0
15 Nov 2010

What's new

v4.0 [15 Nov 2010]
- Publish to the Web
-featured, multi-window solutions that interact with Web pages, the local file system, and external data sources. Automatically adopt the target operating system look-and-feel, or design your own dynamic interface. Compile to tiny, compressed redistributable files with the full functionality of a desktop application - but without the need for users to download and install a standalone executable. Develop anything from simple banners, animations, and multimedia presentations to immersive games, sophisticated dashboards, and multiuser productivity applications.
- Dynamic Graphic Effects
- including bitmaps, vector artwork, and controls - at runtime. Apply drop shadows, inner shadows, outer and inner glows, and color overlays with a variety of customizable settings. Give your solutions a rich sense of visual depth and dynamism without the need to render effects ahead of time in an external graphics program.
- Learning and Reference
-based revTalk dictionary and the all-new, task-based "Lessons" knowledge base. Show off your work to the world via revOnline, now also accessible via the Web.
- Usability
-update notifications in all editions of Rev inform you after launch of available new versions, so you're sure to receive new features and fixes as soon as they are available. Enhanced standalone building provides enhanced security and other improvements. Dozens of fixes and enhancements to the data grid and other areas, plus new desktop icons and artwork.

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