RemotePad Server

RemotePad Server 2.5

RemotePad Server is the server app for RemotePad for iOS.

RemotePad Server is the server app for RemotePad for iOS. This suite of apps allows you to use your iOS device as a remote trackpad to control your Mac OS X computer. There are server apps for Mac OS X and Windows, and you can compile versions for Linux as well. This is an open-source project. Thus, you can download both the server app and its iOS counterpart for free.

Setting up and using this solution was a breeze for me. I first downloaded the iPhone app and then installed the server on my Macbook. I then launched the server and the client, and I could easily connect them both. After a few seconds I was controlling my Mac with my iPhone. On the iPhone, you will see a black space that you can use to control the pointer and three buttons: left, center and right, which control the mouse buttons. They all worked like expected.

I noticed that the mouse pointer moved very little with every full swipe motion I did. This is probably configured this way to let you be more precise with this remote trackpad. I was used to a more responsive and sensitive input, but I guess it is just a matter of getting used to this app. Perhaps a configuration window would be useful for those who want to adjust this setting.

José Fernández
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