Remote Install Mac OS X

Remote Install Mac OS X 1.1

Remote Install Mac OS X is a remote installer for use with MacBook Air laptops.
The program is available on Mac Informer but it is discontinued on the developer's site
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License type: Proprietary
No longer supported by the developer

Use Remote Install Mac OS X on another computer whose optical disc drive you want to share to do one of the these tasks on your MacBook Air or Mac mini:
Reinstall Mac OS X, Mac OS X Server, or other software that came with your computer
Reset your password
Use Disk Utility to repair the hard disk

Note: You can also do these tasks using a MacBook Air SuperDrive (available separately from Apple). If your MacBook Air came with the MacBook Air Software Reinstall Drive, use that to reinstall the operating system, iLife, or iWork applications. If your computer came with OS X Lion, remote install is not required.
To use Remote Install Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server:
Insert the Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server Install Disc into the optical disc drive of the other computer.
If the other computer is a Mac, open /Applications/Utilities/Remote Install Mac OS X. On Windows, choose "Remote Install Mac OS X" from the Install Assistant.
Read the introduction and click Continue.
Choose the install disc you want to use, and click Continue.
Choose a network connection: AirPort, if you are using an AirPort network, or Ethernet, if the other computer is on an Ethernet network and you have an optional Apple USB Ethernet Adapter connecting your MacBook Air or Mac mini to the same network. Click Continue.
Restart your MacBook Air or Mac mini and hold down the Option key as it starts up, until you see a list of available startup disks.
Click Continue in Remote Install Mac OS X.
If you chose AirPort as your network in step 5, on your MacBook Air or Mac mini choose your AirPort network from the pop-up list.
If the network is secure, you will be prompted for a password. You can enter a private network name by choosing the ellipsis (...) and typing the name.
If you chose AirPort as your network in step 5, when you see the AirPort status icon indicating signal strength, click Continue in Remote Install Mac OS X.

You can now reinstall software, reset your password or run Disk Utility using instructions from the User's Guide.

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