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Remote Buddy is a very complete remote control solution.
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Remote Buddy is a very complete remote control solution. It allows you to control your Mac remotely and even from an iOS device. It lets you use hardware remote controls like the Apple Remote, many EyeTV remotes, a Wii remote, among others. There is a list of all the supported hardware on the website.

I did my testing of this app using the AJAX remote, which you can access from any supported device. I used an iPad and Safari as the browser. I connected using Bonjour, so all I had to do is type in the name of my Mac and the port used. Once connected, I was shown the "Launcher", which is the remote's main window. The available options were Remote, Trackpad, Keyboard, Menu, Music, Camera and Movies. I played with only a few of the available options, but I can tell you that this is the most customizable remote I have ever tried. It is very robust and with tons of different options. It has good security settings to prevent unauthorized access, too. The feature that I like the most was the "Menu" button on the remote. This allowed me to launch any application straight from my iPad. After an app was launched, it was really easy to control it using the built-in trackpad and keyboard.

All in all, this is an excellent app for controlling your Mac remotely. It supports iOS devices and hardware remotes.

José Fernández
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