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Remo Repair MOV 3.0

A small utility intended to repair corrupted video footage.
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Remo Repair MOV is a small utility intended to fix corrupted footage. Thus, it can solve such issues as error messages and freezing. Luckily, it supports repairing video recorded with a wide range of devices of the most popular brands. Also, besides MOV, the tool can also fix MP4 and M4V, irrespectively of their file size. However, other popular formats are not supported.

Using the app is quite easy and there is a brief user guide to help you find your way. In fact, there is not much to do. First, you need to load the so-called reference file, which must be a healthy clip recorded with the same device as the broken movie. Second, it is time to load the problem file. In this regard, it is shame that the developer does not explain to the users why they need to choose a reference file, in at least a few words.

Besides, although the user guide says it is not indispensable to use a reference video, the app would not let me go on with the repair unless I choose one. The third step is just click on the Repair button and wait for a while until the fixing job is done. Then, it is possible to preview the results, and, if you are satisfied, save the file to the desired location.

Luckily, the user guide gives a brief explanation of what is going on under the hood while you wait for the Ready notice. The app works by separating the video and audio streams of the original file to fix problems. Then, it rejoins them in a new fixed file, which is a guarantee that, if the tool cannot solve the problem, at least, it is not going to make it worse.

In general, Remo Repair MOV comes in handy when you realize that one of those moments you wanted to preserve in video cannot actually be viewed. Fortunately, you can try the product and even preview the results for free. Yet, you will not be able to save the resulting file without purchasing a license.

Pedro Castro
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  • Does not alter the original file
  • Supports multiple recording devices


  • Cannot fix a wide range of formats
  • Pricey
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