RectLabel 3.04

An image annotation tool to label images for bounding box object detection.
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RectLabel is an application that lets you label images to detect bounding box objects. The selection generates a code that can be saved as JSON settings for reusing in other applications. The program comes with handy guides that help users create and transform the boxes with ease.

Managing the application isn't complicated. All you need to do is import the desired image, select a picture area, and ask the program to create a box out of the selection. The resulting box can be renamed and customized in terms of element's rotation around its three-vector axis. The box can be saved as a label dialog and edited from JSON settings.The application allows you to move the box over the picture and place it on the desired area. In addition, the tool lets you create overlapped boxes, giving you the ability to determine the layers' order. Furthermore, the app offers to create boxes that include areas outside the image and provides you with the ability to zoom in and zoom out on a point. The existing boxes can be easily checked with the "quick zoom" function.

In short, RectLabel is designed for developers, helping them reuse in their projects label images extracted from large pictures so that the selected element can be emphasized when clicking on it.

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  • Generates a code out of an image selection
  • Detects bounding box objects
  • Uses JSON settings to create label dialogs
  • Supports zoom in and zoom out on a point


  • Runs only on Sierra macOS



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