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Recording Pro is an audio input recorder with a simple interface.
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It's somewhat strange that OS X doesn't come with a utility application for simply recording audio input - after all, Apple went to all the trouble to make a built-in mic a standard desktop and laptop feature. Many recording apps have been developed to fill the gap, and Recording Pro is perhaps the one that looks most like it could have been designed by Apple itself.

Opening the app presents users with a sleek image of a traditional microphone, and two buttons below, representing "Record" and "View Recordings" (although the icon is more indicative of a preferences or options pane, which is in fact absent from this application altogether). Starting recording and selecting a filetype turns the mic image into a dynamic one, which turns dark during silence and lights up during sound activity, making it easy to tell if you are being heard. Pausing recording and continuing from where you left off is supported. Finished recordings are sent to the next page, where they can be renamed and revealed in the Finder. Despite possessing the tall 2:1 dimensions that are a hallmark of direct imports from iOS, the app is well-adapted for larger screens and keyboard use.

Sam's Protip: Recording Pro is a good tool to have around for basic recording needs. But if you're anticipating more advanced work, e.g. recording system output without distortion, it may be worth it to invest in a more fully-featured program.

SL Senior editor
Sam Lloyd
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  • Simple, attractive interface
  • Pause button enabled


  • Can only record audio input from built-in mic
  • Customization options limited to output filetype
  • Export option limited to "Show in Finder"
  • No documentation



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