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Easiest to use, most practical electronic recipe book application on the market.
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Recipe Box is the easiest to use, most practical electronic recipe book application on the market. It maintains not only a database of your favorite recipes that can be displayed or printed scaled for any number of servings, but also of the ingredients, units of measure, and preparations methods used to ensure minimal typing and maximum consistency.
- Stores thousands of recipes
- Filter recipe list by meal course (salad, main dish, etc.)
- Associate multiple courses to a single recipe
- Recipe titles show original source credit, if provided
- Store preparation time, number of servings, source, notes and more!
- Automatically scales recipes up or down for the number of servings needed
- Maintains ingredient, measures, and preparations database for consistency and quick data entry
- Automatically checks instructions for completeness
- Sophisticated algorithms automatically correct entry errors
- Generates shopping lists for an entire meal (scaled for the number servings needed)
- Allows easy management of ingredient, measures, and preparations databases
- Print recipes or display them on screen while cooking
- Easily share recipes with friends who use Recipe Box!

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