Reason 5 104: Dr. OctoRex: Sonic Surgery 1.0

This application is a pack with tutorials about audio mixing.
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Reason 5 104: Dr. OctoRex: Sonic Surgery is a pack with tutorials about audio mixing.
Table of Contents:
- Introducing the Dr. OctoRex.
- The Octorex Two Part Interface.
- The Basics of the .rex Format.
- Reason 5's Rex Library.
- The 'Octo' Slots.
- Loading .rex Files.
- Playing and Auditioning Files.
- Selecting and Viewing Slots and Loops.
- The 'Trig Next Loop' Modes.
- The Sample Display Window.
- Selecting Individual Slices.
- Transposing your Loops.
- The Slice Based Parameters.
- The Slice Edit Mode.
- Mangling Your Loops with Graphical Edits.
- The Multi-mode Filter.
- The Filter Envelope.
- The Amp Envelope.
- The Tempo Synced LFO.
- Pitch Bend and Polyphony Controls.
- Oscillator Pitch Modulation.
- Mod Wheel Mapping.
- Velocity Mapping.
- Interpolation and Bandwidth Modes.
- The Slice Outputs.
- The Gate Inputs and Outputs.
- Modulation Inputs and Outputs.
- Copying Parts to the Reason Sequencer.
- Generating MIDI Files from the Octorex.

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