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RealZoom generates a somewhat realistic zoomed (close-up) image, as if you are taking a close look at your LCD, CRT screen, or paper with a magnifying glass. Available zoom types: RGB stripes, RGB dots, LCD, Trinitron (Aperture Grille), Shadow Mask, Video (interlace), Black Print (K=0 and 45 degrees), and Color Print (CMYK=0 and 63.4 degrees). I hope this is a useful image utility for graphic designers, graphic artists, and for anyone to help understand how images are reproduced on LCD, CRT, and paper.
RealZoom generates a TIFF bitmap image file while RealZoom Quartz generates a vector-based PDF image file.
NOTE: RealZoom generates a very large image when the magnification is high (e.g. 6x, 9x, 12x, etc.), and the system may not be able to handle a very large image properly. Please make sure to select a portion of (or scale down) your large image and save a smaller image with your image editing application such as Photoshop, then load the small image with RealZoom.

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