realMyst: Masterpiece Edition

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition 2.1

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is an adventure game for Mac.
2.1 (See all)
Cyan, Inc.

realMyst: Masterpiece Edition is an adventure game for Mac.
Main features:
- All the original Myst Ages plus bonus Rime Age.
- Full Myst gameplay and interaction.
- Dynamic environments - rippling water, falling rain, waving trees & grass.
- Advanced graphic effects like bloom, blur, depth of field, etc.
- Day and night - watch sunsets and sunrises, or explore at night.
- Flashlight - for exploring dark nights or dark corners.
- Haunting Myst music score and dynamic 3D sounds.
- Classic Point & Click navigation option - just like original Myst.
- Free roam interface option - standard navigation controls.
- Zip Mode in classic navigation - hold down to keep walking.
- Auto quality option - checks your frame rate and auto-adjust your quality.
- Interactive Guides - illustrates how to interact with objects.
- Bring up original Myst images to compare and reminisce.
- Bookmark feature to save & restore progress.
- Auto-save to insure you pick up where you left off.
- realMyst Hint Guide - get past that one puzzle that's got you stumped.

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