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Ready, Set, Go! is publishing made simple. It's simple because Ready, Set, Go!
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Ready, Set, Go! is publishing made simple. It's simple because Ready, Set, Go! gives you all the tools you need to create printed pages - grids, guides, drawing tools, color support, tints, arrows, graphic file import filters and the most powerful typographic word processor on the market today. It's simple because Ready, Set, Go! puts you in control. You see exactly how the finished page will look on the screen, before you invest in imagesetting or even settle on a final page design. Changing the position of text and graphics is as easy as clicking and dragging. So you can afford to experiment. Ready, Set, Go! is simple because, with just a few keystrokes or a menu choice, it performs advanced graphic operations such as scaling graphics or making text runaround a picture. And of course, it's just plain easy to use. Once you learn a few basic skills, you can create pages that normally require the skills of many different people - word processors, typesetters, and pasteup and layout artists.
What's new in this version:
Keyboard shortcuts were interfering with menu shortcuts. This has been fixed.Menu shortcut for Format -> Size -> Other... clashed with menu shortcut for Help. Now Command-Shift-Apostrophe (') will bring up the Font Size dialog. Greek all Pictures option caused display issues when moving a picture with the cropping tool. This has been fixed. Fixed a crash that happens when printing is cancelled after a page size warning. Help for image search had all fi...



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