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ReadNow is a little application that sits on the menubar and uses the Read It...
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ReadNow is a desktop client for the Read It Later service. It allows you to check and edit the items in your Read It Later list from your Mac. You can also use this app to add new items to your list. There is support for keyboard hotkeys, so you can easily add items that are in the clipboard.

When you first install the application, you will have to type in your account details, and after that the application will access your account and retrieve the list of saved websites. It doesn't look like ReadNow stores anything for offline viewing. When you double-click an item on your list, a new tab is opened in your default web browser and the item is loaded. From the right-click menu, you can also share an item or send it via e-mail. ReadNow has a search field that lets you quickly find any article on your list. It gives you results as you type and it is very fast.

ReadNow is now available on the Mac App Store for $4.20. There is a free version for testing that you can download from the developer's website. There isn't a demo on the App Store yet. The version that I tested this app with, the one on the website, doesn't have all the features that the App Store one has.

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