RAW Developer

RAW Developer

Powerful RAW image conversion application designed specifically for Mac OS X.
RAW Developer v1.9
5 May 2011
RAW Developer v1.8
9 Jun 2010

What's new

v1.9 [5 May 2011]
- Support added for the Canon 5D-III, 1D X and G1 X.
- Support added for the Nikon D4, D800, D800E and D3200.
- Support added for the Sony SLT-A37, SLT-A57, NEX-F3 and DSC-RX100.
- Support added for the Olympus E-M5.
- Support added for the Sigma SD1 and SD1 Merrill.
- Support added for the Panasonic DMC-GF5.
- Support added for the Pentax K-01.
- Support added for the Leaf Credo 40, 60 and 80.
- Support added for the Leica M Monochrom and X2.
- Support added for the Fuji X-S1, F770EXR/F775EXR and HS30EXR/HS33EXR. Improvements:
- The LAB curves keyboard adjustment increments were made smaller offering greater precision when using the arrow keys to adjust points.
- Complete overhaul for all Sigma cameras (Foveon) processing routines which improves color rendering, highlight recovery, noise reduction, detail and just about every aspect of these images! Bug Fixes:
- More issues fixed with some EXR (DR) modes and file resolutions of the Fuji X10 which could result in incorrect default image size or tinted highlights and incorrect exposure levels.
- Fixed an issue which would cause RAW Developer to crash on systems running 10.7 or later when closing the image preview window and then opening a new set of images.

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