RAID Shield

RAID Shield 2.0

RAID Shield provides monitoring for HDPro systems either locally or remotely.
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Each HDPro features an environmental processor, which monitors and manages all aspects of the system including: hard drives, RAID array, controller, controller cache, fans, temperature, power supply, and enclosure conditions. In the event of a problem, the HDPro is capable of sending out an e-mail notification.

The HDPro comes with, RAID Shield, CalDigit's powerful and easy to use RAID administration software. RAID Shield is capable of building multiple RAID sets of they fly with a variety of options such as; cache sizes, capacities, slices, a logical unit number, RAID levels and more. This enables storage to be brought online without having to wait for initialization. RAID Shield is entirely based on the TCP/IP architecture. This means that each HDPro can be monitored and managed from anywhere on the intranet. Once setup, RAID Shield provides at-a-glance monitoring for multiple HDPro systems either locally or remotely.

Monitoring the status of the HDPro is easy with CalDigit's intuitive LED visual feedback. The HDPro's indicator lights are conveniently located on the front panel of the HDPro. With just a glance the status of the HDPro can easily be checked. There is also an audible alert to signal any system, controller, or drive failure.

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