RadioRocker 2.0

Simple way to listen to terrestrial radio on your Mac.

RadioRocker is the simple way to listen to terrestrial radio on your Mac. This isn't a streamer for Internet radio, RadioRocker contains over 5,000 stations from across the United States. Choose what state and choose the station and you're off and running.
RadioRocker is perfect if you want to listen to a sporting event in another state or town. For instance: if you're from Massachusetts and you miss listening to WBZ NewsRadio 1030 for all your news, simply pull up the list for Massachusetts, double-click on WBZ. All of a sudden you're listening to WBZ right on your Mac.
Want to listen to a game in Pittsburgh? Select Pennsylvania as the state and choose your favorite station. Like the mix of a station in California, but you live in Virginia, select California as the state and choose the station.
Want to go to the stations website and check out any promotions or learn more about the disc jockeys or anything. Simply click the globe next to the digital readout and you'll instantly go to that stations website.
Presets, just like in your car radio... You can assign presets of your favorite stations to the 6 preset buttons in the player window. Click "Manage Preset Buttons" in the "File" menu or use Command+P. Choose which button you want to assign to the song currently playing. Instantly the preset will be set and you can customize the name of the button. Next time you launch RadioRocker just click your preset button, just like on your car stereo and you'll be listening to the station you like instantly.

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