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Add, create, schedule, and modify DJ lists.
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Establish a system for interactive online DJ activities. Add audio files and combine them to create a presentation, automate the playback, mix several tracks and add voice-overs, etc. Organize a schedule for the customized program block and connect to an online radio or streaming channel.

This release of the Scheduler component of Radiologik is a public development build of the features of Radiologik Scheduler Basic. It is a free complement to Radiologik DJ. Radiologik Scheduler chooses tracks from playlists in iTunes with a little bit of extra logic to figure out times and artist separation. It builds these segments in 30 or 60 minute blocks anywhere inside of a week schedule. The resolution of the script statements are in seconds. Playlists, and particularly smart playlists in iTunes, give programming tracks enormous power. Because Radilogik DJ tells iTunes when it plays a track, you can use smart playlists to be sure you are not playing certain songs again for a specified period of time. This can give you a reservoir of tracks that have not played recently but enough tracks to still pick at random, effectively giving a random rotation. You can use many smart playlists for the same segment, giving you the ability to set when to play fast, medium, or slow songs or how often to play tired songs versus new songs that you may want to play more often. Radiologik Scheduler runs the appropriate script 20 minutes before the start time and sends that set of tracks and directions to Radiologik DJ's program queue.
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More fully retinaUpdated to latest Sparkle update engine which now updates via httpsUpdated Gatekeeper codesigning

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