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Race illegal High Speed 3D is an arcade racing game.
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Race illegal High Speed 3D is an arcade racing game. It has different game modes and it should provide anyone who enjoys arcade games with a few good hours of gameplay. There is a career mode, which is the first one that I played. In this mode, you follow a story as a street race driver who needs to get to the top of the underground scene. You start with a car that you can upgrade with the money that you win in races. These upgrades are in the categories of speed, steering, acceleration and turbo. There are five upgrades in each category.

Gameplay is not bad for an arcade game. The car steering feels natural and it is easy to get a hang of how it reacts to crashes, turns and jumps. You get turbo for passing other cars, drifting and crashing against your opponents. At times, I felt that the car slowed down for no apparent reason, which was very odd.

The graphics are not bad for a Mac game, but if you are used to playing console games or PC games, then you will not be impressed by them. There are visual effects that give you a sense of speed, but they are not very well made.

I played both the career mode for a couple of minutes and the multiplayer mode. My experience with the career was good and I must say I was entertained for a while. I liked the in-depth tutorial that explains pretty much everything about the game. Multiplayer wasn't good at all. The game felt laggy and my opponent kept crashing all over the track, but somehow managed to keep on passing me, even while I was doing a perfect race.

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José Fernández
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  • Different game modes
  • Upgrading
  • Gamecenter support
  • Tuning and customization of cars


  • Multiplayer mode didn't work too well
  • The effects are not the best ever made
  • My car kept on slowing down for some reason



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