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Qwak is a lovely platform game in which you are a duck.
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Qwak is a lovely platform game in which you are a duck and your job is to collect the golden keys that help you open the door that takes you to the next level. The levels are crowded with multiple enemies of different colors who will try to kill you by just touching you. However, you can kill them first with your weapon: eggs. You will also find lots of fruits and gems to collect which will give you extra points. You have a total of 3 lives, but you can get more by collecting flowers. The fire power is limited, so you need to collect more eggs as you play and try to use them wisely. At the end of each level, all the fruits you have collected will be also turned into eggs.

The game includes a tutorial which explains the basics of the game, and there are lots of levels which require different skills. The game can also be played in cooperative mode with a friend, and you can completely customize the control keys to your liking. The game is challenging and very enjoyable, and it has nice and colorful graphics, simple sounds, and suitable but a bit repetitive music.

To tell you the truth, if you need a nice platform game to spend the time, Qwak may be a good choice.

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  • Challenging and enjoyable
  • Nice graphics
  • Multiple levels
  • Includes a cooperative mode
  • Lots of goodies


  • Repetitive music
  • Simple sounds



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