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QuizOn Easter 1.1

QuizOn Easter is an educational game that includes lots of questions.

QuizOn Easter is an educational game that includes lots of questions about the traditional Easter holiday. The game will provide one question after another and you have to select an answer from four options. To select an answer, you just have to click on the corresponding one. The questions are shown with an image, which may give you some clue in some cases. The questions involve popular traditions, the beginning of Easter, the origin of the name, and historical events, among many other things. For every correct answer your score will increase and if your answer is wrong, the program will tell you which is the correct one, and your score will decrease.

Unfortunately, the application offers poor graphics, but the sounds are nice and it has suitable music, which can be muted if you want. The quiz is very comprehensive and offers a great variety of questions.

In short, QuizOn Easter is a great application to test the kids' knowledge about Easter and it is great for teachers who want to teach their students some facts about this popular holiday.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of questions
  • Nice music
  • Free


  • Poor graphics
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