QuitsAppsMBI 1.0

Quickly disable any and all running apps.
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1.0.6 (See all)
Integrate a menu bar into your Mac desktop to immediately shut down any application currently running in the system. Run a scan to detect hidden processes and disable them manually or in batch. Check the current configuration and select the processes you want to stop.

QuitsAppsMBI is a menubar app that can be used to quit all currently running apps at once, or just one at a time.
When you launch this app its menu is populated with the names and icons of all currently running apps on your Mac.
Select the menu item "Quit All Apps" to quit every app. Since this is achieved in the usual way, any app with unsaved documents will alert you asking if you want to save changes.
After you quit any app or all apps, a menu item named "Relaunch" appears. Select this menu item to relaunch the app or apps.

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