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A universal media player developed specifically for Mac OS X by Apple, Inc.
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Mariika Nice tool for viewing certain type of video, namely interactive movies. Even though it is not the most comfortable player for me, I do enjoy it in playing specific file formats.

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Jess A full-featured player and it saves you time on uploading videos. I find it quite handy.

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Hloy Dranks The ability to post videos directly to YouTube and MobileMe proved to be useful and time saving. But I didn't really use trimming. I understand that this must have been planned as a quick tool to shorten the videos and optimize them in size for YouTube (MobileMe), still I don't see the real necessity of such features within a player. The provided possibilities aren't enough for me when I deal with video editing, no matter where I am going to post it. But I like it as a player for its simplicity.

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Tanchik I use it seldom

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