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Please note that this new version is very different from v1.x.
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****Please note that this new version is very different from v1.x. If that version worked for you, you might want to backup your old copy of QuickSlide in case you need to go back to it. Show exports from that version cannot be played in this new release.****
QuickSlide is a little app that takes the standard slide show further with great features to let you easily show off all your photos and still images: random lists that can be stopped at any point and re-started where you left off, a novel way to make use of multiple monitors and automatically scan folders within folders.
It's handy auto-start feature means you can have a new slide show up and running in around 3 mouse clicks. Or just get it to go straight to the last show when you open the application up!
Simply select one or more folders and QuickSlide will scan through them - as well as all the subfolders. QS then creates a shuffled list of the picture files that you want.
The randomised list is remembered between application uses and QuickSlide will store where it left off - so you can pick up the show without watching the same photos as last time.
Multi-monitor system users can pick which monitor to use for a show or use all of them. And you can use your Apple Remote to control the show.

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