Quick Tag

Quick Tag 0.71

Add custom tags to the content of an iTunes library.
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Quickly tag the songs and clips in your iTunes playlists. Automatically detect the compatible items and select the tag variations to assign to individual tracks or in batch. Monitor the process, cancel, or update the tag sets, check the attachment during a search session, etc.

Quick tag tags songs in iTunes for easy organization and better smart playlists!
Launch Quick Tag with a user definable global hot key.
Quickly tag the song that is currently playing, or tag whatever songs are selected in iTunes.
Existing tags are auto-suggested when entering a song’s tags.
Existing tags can be read from iTunes for auto-suggestions.
Rich support for tagging multiple songs at once. Add tags to the selected songs, remove tags from the selected songs, or replace the tags of the selected songs.
Rate the song at the same time you tag it, with the built in rating control.
Tags are saved to either the ‘grouping’ or ‘comment’ field in iTunes.
Configure how your tags are stored internally in iTunes.
Support for existing internal tag formats.
Optionally, starts playing a specified playlist in iTunes upon activation.
Multi-word tags are supported.
Displays information about the song you are currently tagging.
Use a tag cloud for keyboard free tagging.
Preserves existing data in the grouping or comments field when storing tags.
Lightweight and easy to use.
It is Leopard compatible.

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