Quick Calendar

Quick Calendar 1.1

View the current month and highlight the present day in Notification Center.

I am sure you know that your operating system has a good Calendar app, which can even synchronize your events from your iCloud account. Yet, it is a shame that accessing the built-in app is not as easy as it should be, which is why a product such as Quick Calendar can help you improve your experience as a user.

Unlike other similar tools available from the Menu Bar, Quick Calendar sits in the Notification area. Unfortunately, you must add it manually after installation, though. It is good, however, that it will automatically launch itself from then on with system boot.

The application is extremely simple, so do not expect it to do anything exceptional. It shows the current month and highlights the present day with a phosphorescent green color by default. Moreover, you can use the arrows to browse through the months. Luckily, you can change its settings, which basically means using other colors.

All in all, Quick Calendar is a simple tool with very straightforward functions. However, it can certainly make your life a little bit easier by providing instant access to your calendar. The product is totally free but donations are encouraged.

Pedro Castro
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  • Quicker access to calendar
  • Customizable widget colors


  • Needs to be added manually to Notifications
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