QuadCom 1.0

Secure and encrypted audio and video calls and messaging.
1.0 (See all)
Eldorex Advanced Engineering AG

QuadCom combines usual functions and operation you know from Skype and Whatsapp, offering secure and encrypted Audio and Video Calls and Messaging. Free of charge for all QuadCom Users around the world.
- Free encrypted Audio Calls from QuadCom to QuadCom
- Free encrypted Video Calls from QuadCom to QuadCom
- Free Conference Calls from QuadCom to QuadCom
- Free Messaging, Groupchat, Make, share and receive Pictures, Videos
- Visual Voicemail and Voicemail to Email, Share Location and much more
QuadCom is a fine premium ISP for Internet, Phone and DigitalTV from Switzerland. We protect your privacy and do not deal with your personal data and also not indexing user behaviors. We simply connect. With the QuadCom App you wear your Landline in your Pocket, regardless if you are retail or business customer of QuadCom or not. Its simply for Everyone.
Further we offering to call the world for less:
- Cheap Calls to all Destinations around the World. In Crystal clear HD Audio.
- Buy a local or international Number out of 62 Countries straight on the App - Top up your Account over In-App Purchases with your Apple
or PlayStore ID
- Choose a Flat rate to Call the world for less or just for geographical use
- Top up any other Account on the QuadCom Web Portal
- Top up the Prepaid SIM Card of your daughter on the QuadCom Web Portal
- Family Share Option to Group up to 5 QuadCom IDs over one Billing (OTS)
- QuadCom to QuadCom remains to be free, for Audio, Video & Messaging
QuadCom QloudPBX Users for SMB, are reachable over their Extension and DID on their Cell. Without redirecting costs. Anywhere. You are local & global reachable. In HD. And for your Friends, Co-Workers & Family free of charge.
Available for Apple iOS, Mac OS X, Windows PC and Android Devices. And for any HTML5 Web Browser.

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